New cool collaboration for this month!

New cool collaboration for this month!

Hi all!
While we give the final touches to some exciting new stuff for February’s releases (ETA, late next week), we want to give you a preview of a cool collaboration we have devised for one of our independent artists lines.

What can be nicer than a line of fantastic busts sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert? Well, a line of fantastic busts sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert AND masterfully painted by Ben Komets!
Both artists are incredibly talented and we already have seen before the chemistry of their combined work on a miniature, and as they are also good friends, coming up with this idea was actually pretty evident.


The first project that will be part of this collaboration is this fantastic new sculpt, that will be released this month. Check a bit of a preview:


As most of you know, Ben Komets has his very own venture running in the shape of a fantastic Patreon page. That page is a really useful tool for those miniature painters that want to bring their skills a step further. Full of painting guides and video tutorials, Ben’s Patreon has quickly become the reference point in online miniature painting teaching.

Ben will be in charge of painting Romain’s works and he will use some of them to demonstrate techniques in his usual tutorials and videos. As part of the deal, Ben patreons will have a exclusive 20% discount during the first month of sale of these miniatures.

So, if you are a fan of Romain’s sculpts and you want to have access to all the teachings and guide offered by Ben, plus a nice discount on the purchase of the models, sign up today on Ben’s Patreon and start enjoying this opportunity!


Finally, the partnership between FeR Miniatures and Painting Buddha sees the light!

Finally, the partnership between FeR Miniatures and Painting Buddha sees the light!

Hello everybody!
Today is a special day because we can announce a nice big project in which we have been working recently. We have been collaborating closely with our talented friends from Painting Buddha in Berlin in a joint venture that involves both companies.

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We are pleased to show the first two “bundle” boxes made in collaboration with this company that include a figure and a complete DVD tutorial on how to paint it by a renowned painter.

The theme of the first one is the popular Fahrenheit Miniature Project’s Iron Brigade figure by Eduard Pérez:



This highly popular figure enters into a new dimension with a detailed SBS by the talented Ben Komets, a painter that needs no presentation. An impressive display of ability and a good insight to his master techniques.


The second one is the already classic Peter Punk Produktions’ Random Encounter! by Jonatán Monerris:



This time the video tutorial is made by Fernando Ruiz itself, who already painted the boxart version and went specially to Berlin for the recording. The video shows his particular techniques, including an insight on how to use acrylic retarder medium on your painting and the advantages of such a thing (a feature that many of you have showed interest in).


We guess that the advantages of getting the figure of your liking in combination with detailed painting instructions by an expert needs no further explaining. We created this product having the painter in consideration and we are really proud that it finally sees the light. We have another joint project of this kind already prepared and an additional one we will be done by the end of April. We can’t say more… yet.

So the question would be “where do I buy it?” Quite simple, right now the product is in PREORDER at the Painting Buddha site. In the future, it will be available also through our website and selected retailers but I would suggest that, if you want to secure your copy as soon as possible, you better go straight away to their site and reserve your copy. Also, if you are interested in these boxes, it might be interesting to consider the option of becoming a member of the Painting Buddha Academy. That option, not only gives you access to a really cool offer deal on this boxes, but also grants you access to A LOT of other amazing stuff.

We hope you like this new project.
Have a nice day!

FeR Miniatures