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Sculpture: Pedro Fernández
Painting: Pepa Saavedra
Material:  Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 4
Scale: 1/10
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Since the Classic period, humanity has been fascinated by the Greek gods. Their legends and deeds, the endless rivalries between them that normally interfere with the fate of the humans, are deeply rooted in the foundations of Western Civilization.

Athena, daughter of Zeus, is the Greek goddess that stands for several of the noblest virtues: wisdom, courage, strength and also things like law and justice, civilization, the arts and crafts, military strategy or inspiration. Her main trait is being a calm entity that only fights when there is a just reason to do it.

She has always been related to the Greek city of Athens that bears her name. The legend tells that she competed with Poseidon for being the patron deity of the city. Both gods gave gifts to the city and a committee of the Olympic gods decided who the winner was. Athena was victorious, as she created the olive tree, that would became a universal symbol of peace and Mediterranean culture, as a gift to the city.

She is usually portrayed as a majestic warrior goddess, equipped with helmet and the fearsome Aegis spear, but there are several other interpretations related to the multiple elements associated to her, like snakes, olive branches or the quintessential owls. For our depiction, we were inspired by some authors that believe that, in early times of the Athena cult, the goddess was an owl herself and mainly a bird deity. That approach was a bit more delicate and intimate and suited perfectly a less warlike and gentler depiction of the subject.