Elora, the Gnome Heroine

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Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris
Painting: Marc Masclans
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 2
Scale: 54 mm
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Elora woke up early that Sunday. The task ahead was not particularly exciting, but someone had to do it. The other women of the village did the laundry normally during the week, so they could go together and gossip all morning, but she preferred to make that task alone, so she could benefit of the tranquillity and enjoy the sounds of nature.

She prepared the basket for the laundry and, in the final moment, decided to throw in her trusty small sword; the Goblins from the Cross-Eyed Ram tribe were getting bolder every day and news already had arrived about their raids on other Gnome villages.

When she arrived at the river shore, she smiled at the perspective of some quality time with herself. But soon after unpacking the laundry, a faint cry drove her attention to a thick group of rushes. Beside them, in a small basket was a small bulge wrapped in a blanket… It was a baby! A human one! She picked the toddler and the creature instantly ceased crying and looked at her amused.

Her mind still was confused and full of questions when the turmoil began, followed by the distinct war cry of a Goblin warchief. There was no time to loose and the curse of action was crystal clear; maybe there was no time to escape, but nobody was going to hurt that baby. She drew her sword and prepared for the upcoming charge…