The Last Stand Alesia, 52 BC

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Sculpture: Ramón Martínez
Painting: Alfonso Giraldes
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 31 (including the exclusive hound bust)
Scale: 1/12

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The Siege of Alesia (September, 52 BC) was a military engagement that supposed the climax of the Gallic Wars. It was fought by the Roman army of Julius Caesar against a confederation of Gallic tribes united under the leadership of Vercingetorix of the Arverni. It was the last major engagement between Gauls and Romans.

When some of the main Gallic tribes asked Cesar for his help in defeating the Helvetii, little they knew that his involvement would mark the beginning of the end of the world they have known for centuries. Through a series of schemes and alliances, Cesar annexed big portions of their territories until the situation became an existential threat for the Gauls.

In 52 BC, a revolt erupted in the Gaul, led by the Arvenian leader Vercingetorix, who had managed to unite a big coalition of tribes under his command. Cesar raised a big army in Italy and took it to quell the revolt, but the supplies were very low, forcing him to attack several oppidum (Gallic villages) in his way to confront the enemy. Vercingetorix realized about it and decided to defend some particularly important villages to erode the Roman army and deny them the supplies they needed.

After some initial success, the Gauls decided to defend the oppidum of Alesia. But Cesar had devised a trap in order to pin down Vercingetorix’s forces. He had discarded the idea of a direct assault and instead prepared huge fortifications around Alesia. That way, he would patiently lay siege to the defenders while waiting for a relief army that already was coming from Italy.

Vercingetorix sent word to the other tribes as well, aiming to build another army to break the siege. When Cesar heard of this, he also fortified the outer side of the siege fortifications. The real battle started when the Gallic relief force arrived and attempted a combined attack along the besieged forces coming out of Alesia. The attack was unsuccessful and the outer force had to retreat from the battlefield.

After some attempts to break the siege, the Gauls realized that it would be impossible to defeat Cesar and surrendered. Vercingetorix offered himself as a captive to appease the Romans. He was taken captive to Rome and, six years after the defeat on Alesia, he was executed in a public ceremony.

This limited edition boxed set is a pre-release of three busts based on the last battle of the Celtic Gaul. It includes Vercingetorix, a young Gallic warrior, and a Gallic standard-bearer, along with an exclusive bust of a Celtic hound. It also includes a QR code that grants access to extensive video tutorials on the painting of this boxed set by Alfonso Giraldes. The box is limited to only 100 sets and comes with a limited edition certificate.