Senior Officer
5th Hussars, 1810

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Ramón Martínez
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 10
Scale: 1/12

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The Hussars are light cavalry units that trace their lineage to the XV and XVI centuries in Central Europe, especially Hungary. Their distinctive dress and useful role as light reconnaissance cavalry made them enormously popular across Europe and virtually all countries created hussar-type units and regiments in their armies.

The Napoleonic Wars are regarded as a “golden era” for these units, which not only played a key role on the battlefields but also achieved a fantastic degree of splendor in their uniforms.

The French 1st Empire was not an exception, and their Hussar regiments participated in all major campaigns and battles, being regarded as some of the most dashing and audacious troops of the army.

The 5th Regiment of Hussars was created just before the French Revolution and they already distinguished themselves in the American Revolutionary War, as part of the Lauzun Legion. They participated in many major engagements of the Napoleonic Wars, including Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Wagram, the Russian campaign of La Grande Armée, and Waterloo.

For our bust, we wanted to show how flamboyant and beautiful could be the uniforms for the high-ranked officers of a Hussar regiment.

Note: This is a resin miniature kit that requires assembly and painting.