Officer, 1st Georgia Chattanooga Campaign, 1863

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Pedro Fernández
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 6
Scale: 1/12

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At the American Civil War, both sides made extensive use of cavalry units in several different roles. From reconnaissance missions, to executing raids behind the enemy lines, these fast units were instrumental in the war effort for both sides.

During the first half of the conflict, the Confederates enjoyed superiority in cavalry, not least because many capable cavalry commanders joined their cause. Names like J. E. B. Stuart or Nathan Bedford Forrest are still a significant part of the military legacy of those days.

Our bust portrays a veteran Confederate Cavalry officer, waiting patiently for the right moment to start charging towards the enemy. He knows that the fate of the battle well might rest on his men’s shoulders and swords.

Note: This is a resin miniature kit that requires assembly and painting.