Lawrence of Arabia, Aqaba, 1917

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Sculpture: Raúl García Latorre
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 2
Scale: 1/12
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Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as “Lawrence of Arabia” or “El Aurens” was a British writer, diplomat, and military officer who gained international fame for his role during the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans, during the First World War.

During the war, he was serving in military intelligence in the Middle East theatre and was sent as a liaison officer with the Arabs. As the conflict escalated, he participated in several military actions against the Turks that ended with the capture of Damascus in 1918.

Few personalities from World War One have the aura of legendary romanticism that surrounds Lawrence of Arabia. His particular character and the exotic settings of his deeds, joined by the fame he got from his most famous work “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and the chronicle made about him by the American journalist Lowell Thomas, have earned him a special place in the collective imaginary. Later on, in 1962, the character was immortalized as portrayed by Peter O’Toole in the wonderful film “Lawrence of Arabia” by David Lean.

Our bust depicts T. E. Lawrence dressed in Arab style with one of the many clothes he wore during the Arab Revolt. It can be painted to depict most of the attires seen in historical reference photographs, paintings, and museums.

Note: This is a resin miniature kit that requires assembly and painting.