Treasure Island

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Sculpture: Pedro Fernández
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 7
Scale: 1/12

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When Robert Louis Stevenson published “Treasure Island” in 1883, he would never have imagined the huge importance that his novel would have in the future, both for the history of literature and for the establishment of the collective view of the golden age of piracy in popular culture.

The book was initially published in serialized format and it didn’t receive too much attention but, when it was first published as a full book, it quickly became a mass phenomenon, and its charismatic characters, like Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, Ben Gunn or the sinister Blind Pew would forever live in our imagination.

For our version, we have tried to capture the story and the particular relationship between Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins, including the quintessential elements of pirates that this classic novel engraved forever in our minds, like the one-legged pirate, the perched parrot and the “X” that marks the spot.

Note: This is a resin miniature kit that requires assembly and painting.