Knight of Outremer, 1300

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Sculpture: Oriol Quin
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 14
Scale: 75 mm
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The initial push of the Crusades devastated the Holy Land, expelled the Muslim powers and created diverse Christian kingdoms in the Middle East. Situation in those kingdoms was barely stable and they needed a continuous flow of warriors from Europe to guarantee their survival in front of the Arab armies’ pressure that were fighting to conquer back those territories.

At first, faith had been the main incentive for these warriors, fervent devotes that didn’t hesitate to travel across half world to fight for their beliefs. But later, lot of members excluded from the European societies went there for the promise of a future that offered incredible opportunities to those who dare to grab them.

Our knight could be one of those persons, either one of those that fought for noble principles or one of those moved for more material desires. His garment is typical from early XIV century and shows the transition from protections based primarily on chainmail (omnipresent on the battlefield since several hundred years) towards a combination of chainmail, hardened leather, metallic plates or even gambesons with multiple layers of cloth. Helmets were already evolving to much more sophisticated models than the earlier ones. Heraldry was entering in its golden age and surcoats and shields were the perfect places to display it. A miniature that offers countless options of decoration for any painter.