Highland Clansman Veteran

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Sculpture: Raúl García Latorre
Painting: Marc Masclans
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 12
Scale: 70 mm
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In 1746, at Culloden Moor, was fought the last battle of the “forty-five”, the third and last Jacobite uprising that ended up with the total defeat of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s cause.

The rebel army, mainly formed by Highlander clans, faced a British task force that was almost double in number and included artillery, cavalry and much modern weaponry. Tired and hungry after a long night march, the Highlanders entered scattered in the battlefield and, in spite of their courage, their disorganized charges and the superiority of the enemy caused a total defeat. After the battle, the Duke of Cumberland ordered the execution of all the Highlander prisoners and wounded. Most of those who managed to escape fled to the colonies to avoid the repression, which included details such as the banning of wearing kilt and tartan except for those in British Army Scottish regiments, or the use of the pipes, regarded as “weapon of war”.

Culloden Moor is, until today, the last land battle fought in British soil.

This classic from miniatures’ history was released in the late 90’s by Elite Miniaturas and the original boxart was painted by Raúl García Latorre himself.