Gallic Warrior, 58 BC

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Gianni La Rocca
Painting: Jeroni Carmona
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 8
Scale: 54 mm

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– This is a new chance to get an iconic and long-out-of-production piece by Elite Miniaturas.
– This iconical portrayal of a Gallic Warrior allows for plenty of painting options.
– Our signature resin quality allows you to get the figure clean and ready in almost no time, so you may invest your precious free time in what really matters: painting and having fun.

The Gallic Wars were a series of campaigns and confrontations in which the people of the Gaul fought against the Romans, in an attempt to resist their assimilation into the Empire. The climax of the conflict was the Siege of Alesia (September, 52 BC), in which the army of Julius Caesar finally defeated a confederation of Gallic tribes united under the leadership of Vercingetorix of the Arverni.

This was a brutal campaign for the Roman army, who had to fight against a well-organized enemy that was highly motivated to defend their homeland. The Gallic warriors were particularly fierce and well-equipped.

Our miniature portrays one of these warriors, with the typical Celtic design helmet that would later be adapted by the Romans themselves.

Note: This is a resin miniature kit that requires assembly and painting.