Corporal, Louisiana Tigers, Bull Run, 1861

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Sculpture: Raúl García Latorre
Painting: Marc Masclans
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 8
Scale: 54 mm

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– This is a new chance to get an iconic and long out of production piece by Elite Miniaturas.
– This classic Latorre sculpt is incredibly delicate and amazingly detailed for a 54 mm figure!
– Our signature resin quality allows you to get the figure clean and ready in almost no time, so you may invest your precious free time in what really matters: painting and having fun.

The Louisiana Tigers originally designed a single volunteer company raised in the New Orleans area by Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat. The nickname quickly spread and eventually ended up being used to designate all the Louisiana troops in the Army of Northern Virginia.

The origin of the Louisiana Tigers came from the nickname of the original company, the “Tiger Rifles”. It was mainly composed of Irish and adopted uniforms similar to the ones of the French Zouaves.

The unit entered in combat for the first time at the Battle of Manassa, where the fought bravely, resisting for hours on the support of the left flank of the Confederate Army until reinforcements could arrive. They also saw combat in other important battles like Gaines’ Mill, Fredericksburg or Gettysburg, always distinguishing themselves with great valor.

As a curiosity, in 1866, after the war, one company of the Louisiana Tigers joined the Fenian army that tried to invade Upper Canada, in order to try to establish an Irish free nation.

This classic from miniatures’ history was released in the late 90’s by Elite Miniaturas and the original boxart was painted by Raúl García Latorre himself.