Viking Raider, Ireland, 795

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Sculpture: Matthieu Rouèche
Painting: Martin Goumaz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 5
Scale: 54mm

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The Vikings were a Northern Europe folk of Germanic origin that lived in the area that today is Scandinavia. Raiders and traders, their highly developed seafaring skills allowed them to navigate all the seas an main rivers of Western Europe, influencing greatly in the destiny of several nations like Great Britain or France in what became known as “The Viking Era”.

In the year 795, a Viking raid probably from Norway, attacked Irish lands for the first time at the island of Lambay.

The news of the raid were received with consternation through all the Western Christendom. The Viking era had started…

Our miniature portrays a Viking Raider during the raid. This warrior is a low class fighter that cannot afford a helmet or a chainmail and were very keen of joining these raiding parties in search of loot that would improve his position. This particular warrior is armed with the classic Viking axe and round shield.