Spahi Officer, Crimea, 1855

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Sculpture: Eduard Pérez
Painting: Stefano Lancioni
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 5
Scale: 54 mm

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– The characteristic sculpting style of Eduard Pérez perfectly captures the feel of the XIX century and the colonial era in this new 54 mm figure that will be a nice addition for collectors.
– The miniature wears a really distinct and elegant uniform, a reflection of the era.
– Our signature resin quality allows you to get the figure clean and ready in almost no time, so you may invest your precious free time in what really matters: painting and having fun.

One of the most emblematic features of the French army of the XIX century was the use of regiments of native troops. Along the Zouaves or the Algerian and Senegalese Tirailleurs, one of these flamboyant troops was the Spahis.

These troops originated from Northern Africa and were configured as light cavalry regiments that were attached to other line regiments as support, and comprised of mostly Arab and Berber troops under command of French officers. Raised originally for the Algerian Conquest, they were also deployed in several conflicts during the whole century, like the Franco-Prussian War or the Sino-French War.

Our figure depicts one of these officers in service during the Crimean War, where a detachment from this kind of troops was on escort duty for Marshall Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud, the commander-in-chief of the French troops on the conflict.