Hi everybody!

We are still busy preparing next week new releases but we wanted to announce a bit beforehand some important and excellent news that will affect our future operation. After being preparing it for some time, we are ready to announce a new business partnership with our friends from Nutsplanet!
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Nutsplanet is a company that shares our same values and philosophy of collaboration, friendship and compromise with quality. As you might know, we already have lived some adventures together in the past, like a couple of collaborative painting seminars in Spain and South Korea and even a joint release, so we decided to advance a step further in our friendship.

From now onward, we will be the EXCLUSIVE distributors for retailers in Spain, Italy and Portugal, and they will have the same deal with our distribution in China, Hong-Kong and South Korea. Also, we will have each others’ full ranges available in our website for our direct sales customers (we will have Nutsplanet and they will have FeR Miniatures).

We hope that this move will be the base for even more ambitious ideas in the future, as well as a direct benefit for all our customers, both direct and retailers, that now can benefit of combining orders, saving on shipping fees and reducing delivery times.

The partnership and availability of the products is expected to start on next week, along the July new releases for both our companies.
Really excited and happy!