Hi all!
Just a quick reminder that our yearly day of offers, the Miniatures’ Day, is only 3 days away! We are all almost bracing for impact here due to the big amount of questions and enquiries we are receiving about this, hehehe!



On Friday, you will be able to buy ALL our products at 20% discount! Taking into account that we will be having new releases the day before and that we already have the full Nutsplanet catalogue available, we are expecting a quite busy day of orders. Let’s remember how it will work:

– The offer will start at Friday, August, 19th at 10:00 AM (Spanish time, GMT +1) and will end at Saturday, August, 20th at 10:00 AM (Spanish time, GMT +1).

– During these 24 hours, all items at the FeR Miniatures online shop will be sold at 20% discount.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Also included in the offer will be the new releases, available shortly before the starting of the offer, and also the whole Nutsplanet range! 

– Discount will be applied over prices WITHOUT VAT and then, this tax will be calculated over the final price. This only applies to European Union customers, as they are the only ones who need to pay this tax (in example: a 40 € 75 mm figure costs 33,06 € without VAT. We apply the 20% discount to that and it is 26,45 €. Over this price, European Union customers will have the VAT applied and the final price would be 32 €).

– Shipping costs are not included in the discount.

– The offer will be valid during 24 hours or end of stock.

Until the 19th, we will be reminding this offer from time to time. In order to be aware of how long until it starts, check our Facebook page.

If you plan to take advantage of the offer, we have a couple of tips that might be helpful, based in previous experiences. FIRST, we have plenty of stock of everything but some extremely popular items or things that are new releases can even get out of stock (last year, it happened very quickly with 2 or 3 products), we recommend that you don’t leave your purchase for the last hours of the day or you might have a nasty surprise. SECOND, this offer is only valid for the time frame we have specified, once we have closed it, it is over. We had some emails last year from people who forgot about the offer but still wanted to buy some stuff. To avoid any possible problem, simply put an alarm reminder about it on the cellphone NOW (yes, while you are reading this, hehehe). Once the alarm rings, you decide what you want to buy or if you want to buy or not at all, but at least you can have a go at it 😉

The countdown is on, see you all on Friday!


FeR Miniatures