Hi all!

While we wait for the May new releases (that will be out soon and will be very interesting), it will be nice to put a bit in order all the information about the FeR painting seminars we have been publishing on our FB page lately. Seems that we are going to be travelling even more in the near future!

If we follow the calendar, the first seminar will be hosted in the last weekend of May (May 30th-31th) in Rome. We’ll be there in collaboration with Lab-54:



Second milestone will be an exciting new adventure in America! Hosted in collaboration with The Bent Bristle and Hornet Hobbies, we will doing a seminar in Toronto, Canada in mid June (June 13th-14th):



And the third upcoming date will be the seminar in Blumberg, Germany. Last year experience was so nice that it will be a pleasure to repeat it. The seminar will hosted in mid July (July 17th-19th) in collaboration with Big Panda V:


Currently, all three seminars have seats available, so if you are around these places in the indicated dates and you are interested, don’t let much more time go before asking the organization about the characteristics of the seminar. In case you have any doubt, ask us and we will put you in contact with the right person.

See you all soon!

FeR Miniatures