Hi all!

We have a few exciting new releases and also some things to talk about!

First of all, maybe you already saw our previous announcement of the partnership with Nutsplanet. We are about to incorporate the full Nutsplanet range (probably by the end of this week) and new releases (probably by the end of next week), so stay tuned for more cool stuff very soon…

Second, we have started a partnership with our Roman friends from General Store Roma for a full program of seminars with renowned miniature artists. The name of this initiative is LUDUS and it has been announced last week:


You can find a bit more information on the Facebook page we have set for it. In any case, if you have the chance to attend to one of those seminars, we highly recommend it, like this first one with Fabrizio Russo that will happen in September:


OK, after these news, it is about time to talk about the releases:

The first one is very special for us, as it is a long time idea we have always thought that would be of the liking of our painters audience, a second version of Joan of Arc, this time with a sword, for those of you who find a bit more complicated than desirable to paint a freehand flag ūüėČ

Magna Historica
MHB00008 –¬†Jeanne la Pucelle, Orleans, 1429


Sculpture: Pedro Fern√°ndez

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 6

Scale: 1/12


Also, a new addition to Peter Punk Produktions, Jonat√°n Monerris line:

Peter Punk Produktions
PPK00010¬†–¬†Corpach√≥n’s Grand Day


Sculpture: Jonat√°n Monerris

Painting: Fernando Ruiz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 4

Scale: 54 mm
And finally, we present yet another new line. This time we will showcase the excellent works of the Swiss sculptor and painter Matthieu Rouèche:

Northern Winds will consist of figures on Celtic and Northern European subjects in 54 mm. The first one is this awesome Viking Raider:

Northern Winds
NOR00001¬†–¬†Viking Raider, Ireland, 795


Sculpture: Matthieu Rouèche

Painting: Martin Goumaz

Material: Resin

Number of parts of the kit: 5

Scale: 54 mm


And that’s all for the moment! Soon, we will remind you again about the availability of Nutsplanet figures ūüėČ

Enjoy the summer!