Hi all
This month we really have a lot of new things to tell. New releases, a new collaboration line, new seminar announcements and, of course, the Miniatures day!

So, first things first, let’s have a look to the new releases.

The first would be a nice complement to the already existing Continental Infantryman bust, a cool and somewhat posh British Light Cavalryman:

Magna Historica
MHB00004 Tarleton’s Legion Officer, Charleston, 1780


Sculpture: Paul Deheleanu
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 6
Scale: 1/12

Also, as mentioned above, we are really pleased to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with the talented miniature artist: Raffaelle Picca! Most of you might know him as one of the most prominent members of MASSIVE VOODOO, a miniatures blog sited in Germany that is really important in the hobby community. Raffa even had a line of miniatures of his own, FORGED MONKEY, and we have made a deal with him to bring his product as a new collaboration line on FeR Miniatures.

Forged Monkey logo_transparent baja

So we will be releasing some of his oldies but goldies along REALLY cool stuff that he has in store. All these products will be exclusively available through FeR miniatures, either on our web store or at the usual retailers that carry our product so we hope to make them easier to get for all of you, starting with this two guys:

Forged Monkey
FMK00001 Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero 


Sculpture: Raffaelle Picca
Painting: Roman Lappat (both versions)
Material:  Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 1
Scale: 1/12

Forged Monkey
FMK00002 Jamal


Sculpture: Raffaelle Picca
Painting: Raffaelle Picca
Material:  Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 1
Scale: 1/16

Hope the releases are of your liking. Now let’s talk about the seminars.

I will be hosting a new seminar with a bust in Germany in early December in cooperation with our friend Vlado from Big Panda V and The Pigment Pirates, a club from Hamburg. It will be hosted on the December 5th to 6th weekend:

Posters Cursos.indd

So, if you are interested, just drop an e-mail to Vlado at vlado@dievincis.de and he will inform you about it.

And there’s another seminar also. This time is one of those specially faraway places that makes the whole thing really interesting. Nothing less than Seoul, Corea!

And there’s more. The seminar will be hosted by me and my friend Jaume Ortiz there, in collaboration with two incredibly nice miniature’s companies we all love: Nuts Planet and Life Miniatures!

It will be a privilege to be there and count with the assistance of artists like Myeong Ha Hwang or the one and only Sang-Eon-Lee:


Drop a message to Benny Sa at nutsplanet@gmail.com to get more details about it.

And finally, but not less important, tomorrow is our Miniature’s Day!

FeR MD logo

Don’t miss the chance to get the new releases and the rest of your favourite figures and busts from our range a 20% discount during the whole day. Check how it works here.

Well, I think it is all!

Best Regards