Teutonic Knight, Prussia, 1256

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Sculpture: Mike Blank
Painting: Alfonso Prado
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 6
Scale: 70mm
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The Deutscher Order, more commonly known as the Teutonic Order, was formed in the times of the Third Crusade. This military expedition was a disaster for the German contingent, as the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa died accidentally even before reaching Holy Land, but set the foundations of a German knightly order in the Crusader States of Palestine.

After a major defeat at the Battle of La Forbie in Gaza, the order reorganized its ranks and moved to Transylvania to fight against the Kipchacks. After they were expelled from that territory by the king Andrew II of Hungary in 1225, they started an ambitious campaign in the Baltic in order to Christianize the Prussians tribes that would mark the start of long period of intervention in that area of Northern Europe.

After the Christianization of Lithuania during the XIV century, the order lost its main purpose and started to establish as a feudal power, conquering territories of their neighbours countries like Poland, Lithuania and Novgorod, until their military might was broken at the mighty Battle of Grunwald in 1410.

Our knight has the typical equipment of the order in the mid XIII century, with the classical great helm. The shield displays the heraldry of the Great Master at the time of the height of the Prussian crusade, Poppo von Osterna.