“Changes to Come” Viking Warrior, Gamla Uppsala, 1087

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Sculpture: Mike Blank
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 7
Scale: 70mm
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During the Middle Ages, the Christian faith expanded their frontiers outside the limits of the former Roman Empire to other cultures who were also located in Europe. The Scandinavian realms, in which predominated the Viking culture with their own gods and rites, entered in this Christianization process already on the VIII century, shortly after they started sailing out of their local territories in expeditions of trading and raiding.

This process was really slow depending of the different realms. Most of the time, the kings adopted the Christian faith nominally but the population remained pagan at large. This conversion process was originated for a variety of reasons; mostly there was a potential political and material gain in doing so, sometimes they simply wanted to take the rich baptismal gifts offered to them.

Sometimes, the adoption of the new faith was peaceful, sometimes not. A very famous episode on the history of the Christianization of Scandinavia happened in 1087 at Gamla Uppsala, the main center of the Norse religion and seat of the Kings of Sweden almost since prehistoric times. When Inge the Elder started his reign, he decided to end all pagan sacrifices at Uppsala. That decision caused such turmoil that he had to flee to exile. The pagan king Blot-Sweyn took his place until Inge the Elder secretly returned to Uppsala, surrounded the throne hall and set fire to it. Inge the Elder killed the pagan king in a violent fight and completed the Christianization of Sweden.

Our figure depicts one of those brave Scandivian warriors with a symbol of the new god, a hint of the “changes to come”.