Duel at Messina, 1061

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Sculpture: Oriol Quin
Painting: Fernando Ruiz
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 31 (including figures and scenery)
Scale: 75mm
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Since its founding by the Greeks, Messina have been an strategically important location for any army that wanted to cross from Sicily to the Italian peninsula. The great Islamic expansion on the VII and VIII centuries reached its climax at the IX century and the Arabs conquered certain islands and territories like Malta, Crete, Sicily and parts of the Italian mainland.

Slowly, the Christian kingdoms started to fight back and embarked on the reconquest of the lost territories. In 1061, the Norman brothers Robert and Roger Guiscard launched a full scale invasion of the island, attacking the Saracen forces that ruled the island and its predominately Christian population. They crossed the strait from mainland Italy and immediately put siege to Messina. After years of military actions and diverse treaties with the Arabs, the conquest of Sicily was completed in 1091.

This vignette portrays an scene from the start of this campaign, with an Arab scout engaging the vanguard force of the Norman invasion. On the background, the forgotten ruins of a church arcade in pre-Romanic style, with Ostrogothic and Byzantine elements.

This special deluxe box includes the references COC00002 and COC00003 along an especially designed scenery that can be arranged in diverse configurations. The scenery is exclusive for this box and is not available separately.